Roger Waters - Soldier's Tale

Roger Waters - Soldier\'s Tale
1: The soldiers march 2: The soldier is tired 3: Airs by a stream 4: As you can hear... 5: The soldiers march (reprise) 6: Eventually, joseph reaches his home village... 7: Pastorale 8: The soldier, disconsolate... 9: Pastorale (reprise) 10: The soldier, slowly coming back to himself... 11: Airs by a stream (reprise) - to stretch out on the grass... 12: Hey satan, you bastard... 13: Airs by a stream (2nd reprise) 14: Nowt to be gained here... 15: The soldiers march (2nd reprise): down a hot and dusty track 16: He doesn't even know himself... 17: The soldiers march (3rd reprise): will he take the road to h 18: He doesn't have a home anymore... 19: The royal march 20: So all was arranged... 21: Later that night... 22: The little concert - light floods the eastern sky... 23: The soldier, with a confident air... 24: Three dances - tango 25: Three dances - waltz 26: Three dances - ragtime 27: So first a tango... 28: The devil's dance 29: The devil, confused... 30: The little chorale 31: The devil recovers some of his wits 32: The devil's song - all right! you'll be safe at home... 33: Hm, a fair warning... 34: Grand chorale (part 1) 35: Spring, summer, autumn... 36: Grand chorale (part 2) 37: Steady now... 38: Grand chorale (part 3) 39: Steady, just smell the flowers... 40: Grand chorale (part 4) 41: Now i have everything... 42: Grand chorale (part 5) 43: The princess, all excited... 44: Grand chorale (part 6) 45: And so, off they go... 46: Triumphal march of the devil

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