Bon Jovi - Gonna Set the World on Fire

Bon Jovi - Gonna Set the World on Fire
BON JOVI – GONNA SET THE WORLD ON FIRE THE LEGENDARY BROADCASTS 1983-1993 4 CD SET This is Bon Jovi performing all the hits, all of which were broadcast live and without a net. Featured here are the highlights from the dazzling New Year’s Eve performance from Tokyo in 1988 and a massive concert from Buenos Aires in 1993. Also included is the acoustic set from Melbourne and a wonderful collection of rare TV and radio appearances. DISC 1 - MONSTER HITS 1. Livin On A Prayer 2. You Give Love A Bad Name 3. Blaze Of Glory 4. Lay Your Hands On Me 5. Always 6. Wanted Dead Or Alive 7. Bad Medicine 8. Ride Cowboy Ride 9. I’ll Be There For You 10. Blood On Blood 11. Tokyo Road 12. Born To Be My Baby 13. I’d Die For You 14. Wild In The Streets DISC 2 - CLASSIC ANTHEMS 1. Breakout 2. Come Back 3. Roulette 4. She Don’t Know Me 5. Shot Through The Heart 6. Love Lies 7. Hey God 8. These Days 9. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night 10. Something For The Pain 11. Get Ready 12. Runaway 13. I Want To Take You Higher DISC 3 - ACOUSTIC TREASURES 1. Love For Sale 2. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead 3. Blood On Blood 4. Fever 5. Bed Of Roses 6. Keep The Faith 7. Never Say Goodbye 8. Livin’ On A Prayer 9. Wanted Dead Or Alive DISC 4 - RARE BROADCASTS 1. Livin’ On A Prayer 2. Wanted Dead Or Alive 3. Shot Through The Heart 4. Burning For Love 5. Runaway 6. She Don’t Know Me 7. Breakout 8. Get Ready 9. Runaway 10. Always 11. Livin’ On A Prayer 12. Wanted Dead Or Alive 13. Blood Money 14. Never Say Die
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