Gruppo Sportivo - The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music

Gruppo Sportivo - The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music
Out There in the Jungle I Can't Stop Loving You Hoola Fever Nickles and Dimes Rock 'N Roll I Shot My Manager Beep Beep Love Rubber Gun Hey Girl Real Teeth Are Out Disco Really Made It I Don't Know Sleeping Bag I Don't Love You P.S. 78 Blah Blah Magazines The Buddy Odor Stop - Buddy Odor Is a Gas! The Buddy Odor Stop - I Love You Madly The Buddy Odor Stop - Cats Hiss The Buddy Odor Stop - Lock Yourself Up The Buddy Odor Stop - Teardrops and Two Broken Hearts Up to Date Ramona My Old Cortina My Favourite Song Watch Your Boy It's Too Late Very Nice No Shampoo (Also Very Nice) Holland Now A Girl Like You Rhythmisaconstantbeat If Beauty Is Happily Unemployed (Gimme a) Break Two Tickets for Rio Mumbo Jumbo Radar What Kind of Normal Guy Am I? Mexican Radio Alice in Switserland [Pop, Bop and Hop Version] Sucker of the Century Hadn't Much to Say Blue Moon [Single Edit] A Horse with No Name She Said I I I (Ay Ay Ay) She Was Pretty [Pretty Normal Mix] Something Else
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