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Universal Hippies - Mother Nature Blues

Universal Hippies - Mother Nature Blues
Outstanding debut studio disc by this awesome instrumental heavy guitar rock band from the land of Greece featuring the excellent six string skills of axemaster Stavros Papadopoulos on guitar. Includes 10 tracks of impressive, creative, dynamic, way-kool, blues-based, heavy guitar power trio rock mojo of world-class proportions. Universal Hippies is the musical brain-child and creation of the talented, prolific guitarist named Stavros Papadopoulos. Those of you in the know are familiar with Brother Stavros through his other various excellent Grooveyard Records bands: Super Vintage, Freerock Saints & Hard Driver. The man is a super-natural, six string freak of nature who has strong passion for the guitar and all that it stands for. On a Mission to Keep the Rock alive, this excellent Greek axeslinger has created his own original guitar rock voice with all the right influences on the brilliant Universal Hippies disc. Make no mistake, there is a new Guitar Hero in town and his name is Stavros Papadopoulos. Two other killer musicians round out the Universal Hippies line-up in the form of Jim Petridis on Bass & Chris Lagios on Drums. Both excellent, seasoned players who rock solid laying down the sonic foundation, bringing U.H. to musical life with their tight, powerful grooves. The Universal Hippies have arrived. From the heart of Greece near the Aegean Sea, we experience true, deep, prolific, mind-altering, instrumental heavy guitar rock power trio music that encompasses depth, vision, passion & majesty. Welcome to the vast musical world of Universal Hippies on the essential Mother Nature Blues disc. An epic, monumental, timeless, instrumental guitar rock journey and sonic soundtrack of life that defines power trio rock mojo excellence and shines a bright musical light on the world around us.
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