Godley & Creme - Body Of Work 1978-1988 (5CD Box set)

Godley & Creme - Body Of Work 1978-1988 (5CD Box set)
CD 1 The Sporting Life Sandwiches of You Art School Canteen Group Life Punchbag Foreign Accents Hit Factory/Business Is Business An Englishman In New York Random Brainwave I Pity Inanimate Objects Freeze Frame Clues Brazilia (Wish You Were Here) Mugshots Get Well Soon CD 2 Snack Attack Under Your Thumb Joey’s Camel The Problem Ready for Ralph Wedding Bells Lonnie Sale of the Century The Party My Body The Car Worm and The Rattlesnake Cats Eyes Samson Save a Mountain For Me Madame Guillotine Woodwork Twisted Nerve CD 3 Out in the Cold Wet Rubber Soup Cry Expanding The Business / The “Dare You” Man / Hum Drum Boys In Paris / Mountain Tension Cry (Single Edit) Love Bombs Snack Attack Wet Rubber Soup (Edit) Golden Boy (Remix) Light Me Up Golden Boy (12″ Mix) CD 4 H.E.A.V.E.N./A Little Piece of Heaven Don’t Set Fire (To the One I Love) Golden Rings Crime & Punishment The Big Bang 10,000 Angels Sweet Memory Airforce One The Last Page of History Desperate Times CD 5 Silent Running (B-side of An Englishman in New York) Wide Boy (non-album single) Submarine (non-album single) Marciano (B-side Submarine) Babies (B-side Wedding Bells) Power Behind The Throne (B-side Under Your Thumb) Welcome To Breakfast Television (B-side Save A Mountain For Me) A Little Piece Of Heaven (Extended Mix) Bits Of Blue Sky (B-side A Little Piece Of Heaven) Rhino Rhino (extra track on A Little Piece Of Heaven) Hidden Heartbeat (B-side to 10,000 Angels) Can’t Sleep (extra track on 10,000 Angels)

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