Les Baroques - The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music

Les Baroques - The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music
Disk 1 van 2 1 Silky (single version) 2 My lost love 3 Such a cad 4 Summerbeach 5 I know (that you'll be mine) 6 She's mine 7 I'll send you to the moon 8 Troubles 9 Working on a tsjing tsjang 10 Dreammaker 11 Bottle party 12 Bread 13 Love is the sun 14 I dreamed my dreams away 15 Indication 16 When you're feeling good 17 Without feeling, without mind 18 Pardon me i think i'm falling 19 Gary o'shannon group - the barrel organ 20 Gary o'shannon group - all we need is time, my love Disk 2 van 2 1 I was wrong 2 Real love 3 Frankie's blues 4 Too long 5 O, o, baby, gimme that show 6 My destiny 7 Silky (album version) 8 Cascard 9 Why did she go 10 Too shy to say hello 11 Girls enough 12 A new girl 'cross the street 13 For you 14 We're both to blame 15 Barbarians with love 16 Hold on to me 17 Oh look how sweet 18 The way you do the things you do 19 I'm coming home baby 20 I want to tell you
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