Yngwie Malmsteen - Now Your Ships Are Burned - The Polydor Years

Yngwie Malmsteen - Now Your Ships Are Burned - The Polydor Years
Disk 1 1Black Star (Album Version) 2Far Beyond The Sun (Album Version) 3Now Your Ships Are Burned 4Evil Eye 5Icarus Dream Suite Opus 4 6As Above So Below 7Little Savage 8Farewell 9Prelude 10I'll See The Light Tonight 11Don't Let It End 12Disciples Of Hell 13I Am A Viking 14Overture 1383 15Anguish And Fear 16On The Run Again 17Soldier Without Faith (Album Version) Disk 2 1Caught In The Middle 2Marching Out 3Far Beyond The Sun (Rising Force: Live In Japan '85 Version) 4I Am A Viking (Rising Force: Live In Japan '85 Version) 5You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget (Album Version) 6Liar (Album Version) 7Queen In Love (Album Version) 8Crying 9Fury 10Fire 11Magic Mirror 12Dark Ages 13Trilogy Suite Op: 5 (Album Version) 14Rising Force 15Hold On (Album Version) 16Heaven Tonight (Album Version) Disk 3 1Dreaming (Tell Me) 2Bite The Bullet 3Riot In The Dungeons 4Deja Vu (Album Version) 5Crystal Ball 6Now Is The Time 7Faster Than Speed Of Light 8Krakatau 9Memories 10Liar 11Queen In Love 12Deja Vu 13Far Beyond The Sun 14Heaven Tonight 15Dreaming (Tell Me) 16You Don't Remember I'll Never Forget Disk 4 1Guitar Solo (Trilogy Suite Opus 5 / Spasebo Blues) 2Crystal Ball 3Black Star 4Spanish Castle Magic (Album Version / Edit Version) 5Making Love 6Bedroom Eyes 7Save Our Love 8Motherless Child 9Devil In Disguise 10Judas 11What Do You Want 12Demon Driver 13Faultline 14See You In Hell (Don't Be Late) 15Eclipse

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