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Arnaldo Lopez - Someday

Arnaldo Lopez - Someday
Flowing, cascading harmonics open Arnaldo Lopez's CD "Someday" on the title track. It's a good introduction to Lopez's refined sense of melody that carries throughout the recording. He lists Tommy Emmanuel as one of his inspirations, and many of his tunes carry within Emmanuel's sense of time and melody, without Tommy's rapid-fire arpeggios. It's a gentle, loose CD, with lovely, listenable songs at every turn. The title track draws you in to hope that yes, someday your dreams might just come true; it could happen. "Joy" is an upbeat, bouncy piece, while "Baroque" harkens back to that era in darker tones and complex chord changes. We play the game with Lopez on "Hide and Seek", darting from room to room. "Grandpa" would be perfect if Chet Atkins were your grandfather, because it's some good thumb picking a la Chet. The clock ticks slowly as we wind our way through "Time", with the melody played well against the moving bass line, with more harmonics used without overdoing it. The disc closes with the flight of "Angel" who must be a gentle soul as Lopez paints her. If you like Tommy Emmanuel's softer side, this CD will please your ears, and leave your face with a smile

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