J.B.'s - Funky Good Time: The Anthology

J.B.\'s - Funky Good Time: The Anthology
Introduction to the J.B.'S / Doing It to Death met Fred Wesley The Grunt (Parts 1 & 2) My Brother (Parts 1 & 2) Pass the Peas Gimme Some More J.B. Shout met Fred Wesley Blessed Blackness Hot Pants Road Givin' Up Food for Funk (Parts 1 & 2) The James Brown Soul Train - Honky Tonk (Part 1) Dirty Harri met Fred Wesley Watermelon Man met Fred Wesley Maceo & The Macks - Parrty (Parts 1 & 2) You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks and I'll Be Straight met Fred Wesley More Peas met Fred Wesley Gimme Some More [Very Live] Same Beat (Parts 1, 2 & 3) met Fred Wesley If You Don't Get It the First Time, Back Up and Try It Again, Party met Fred Wesley Damn Right I Am Somebody met Fred Wesley I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin' met Fred Wesley Maceo & The Macks - Soul Power '74 The Last Word - Keep on Bumpin' Before You Give Out of Gas Fred & The New J.B.'s - Breakin' Bread Fred & The New J.B.'s - Rockin' Funky Watergate The First Family - Control (People Go Where We Send You Part 1) Maceo & The Macks - Cross the Track (We Better Go Back) All Aboard the Soul Funky Train (It's Not the Express) It's the J.B.'S Monaurail Maceo & The Macks - Future Shock (Dance Your Pants Off) Everybody Wanna Get Funky One More Time (Part 1) met James Brown

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